mission impossible.


ugh. the Brit got up at 4.30am (he decided to go into the office cuz he’s got a massive project going on) which meant I got up at 4.30 too. my big project is to organise, clean and find my watch. it’s been missing for over a week now and I have no idea where it is. losing it only furthers the argument of why I can’t have nice things but the shoe/clothes/bag tornado is evidence enough. I fear I dropped my watch somewhere on the tram and the Asian tranny is sporting it but I wouldn’t dare take it off until I got home. no sign of it yet though which is worrying.

I’m done cleaning for the day (yeah, that picture is the after photo) and have to get on to some freelance stuff. that job has reared its ugly head again and I want to knock it out this weekend, especially since the Brit will be working… but first I think I’ll take a nap. and maybe watch a movie. and have some breakfast … maybe I’ll start the job tomorrow.

oh, I gave up on Harold Pinter for now. I just couldn’t get into him. I’ll try again later when I’m feeling more existential. I got ‘the secret history’ yesterday in the post so I may start that. I’m reading poirot right now and loving it. I’m going to start rewatching them since we have them all but I’ll do them in order … cuz I’m nerdy. and I got the memoir of the chick who played Nellie Olson on little house. it looks pretty funny.


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