well well. here I am. been a bit crazy at work but it’s slowing down. I hope.

we went to an opera on Saturday at the cinema. Wagner. SIX hours. I was asleep for at least three of them. I’m glad to say that i sat through the entire ring series now, but I don’t ever want to watch it again. I guess my problem with wagner is that there’s a whole lot of nothing going on in between the singing so I just sat there watching this weird metal platform spin around with colours. kind of like the pink floyd laser light show … but with no recreational drugs to make it interesting.

I finished my little house book and moved on to .the devotion of suspect x. it’s a Japanese crime novel. on the cover it says “Japan’s Steig Larsson which really doesn’t mean anything to me but I thought I’d try it out. I also got a mystery that a.a. milne wrote. I’m into crime fiction right now but I think I’ll read some Henry James after this one.

this weekend is a long weekend and I hope to finally close out my freelance job. I even drafted my invoice which probably jinxes the whole thing. I must like the drama though because one of his colleagues who was impressed with my work wants me to do some work for his business and I said yes. what am I thinking?


4 thoughts on “Monday.

  1. I’m slowly learning that in my job, although I am the sole graphics person, I am in fact in charge of nothing and everyone else’s opinion overrules mine. Sigh! I just need to tune out, do what they say and collect my paycheck, I think.

  2. I need to show you the style guide I’ve done and the idiotic change they requested to make it “like other things we’ve done”. No matter that it’s a completely different sort of document 🙂

    I wonder how long I’m going to last at this job!

  3. oh dear! it’ll get better once you’ve been there longer. people will need to build up their trust. at least use the time to learn new things!

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