what I’ve been up to.

in between working a whole he’ll of a lot, I’ve been trying to have a bit of life with the brit. here’s what we’ve been up to…

we saw the muppets movie. pure awesomeness. I got teary eyed with nostalgia when they did the intro from the seventies muppet show. and to see Kermit with a banjo singing the rainbow connection. i felt like a kid again. I almost cried for real when I realised that two adult movie tickets cost $36. really? since when? I have today, the muppets were worth it.

we watched the bodyguard on tv. well I did. the Brit sort of watched it. r.i.p. Whitney.

I convinced my mom to not vote for Gingrich. shit, I didnt even know he was still in it. she’s now leaning towards santorum. I should’ve told her to google him.

I started reading a book called “Mr Darcy takes a wife” just out of curiosity. you know, because I’m such a fan of pride and prejudice. it’s kind of like badly written erotica. it was gross. apparently mr. Darcy was well hung and lizzy a total nympho. and the author tried to keep it all “of the time” by using regency language… every paragraph began with “howbeit” and Latin sounding terms like erectus boneritus (I made that one up) to describe body parts but it just wasn’t right. I feel like I need to repent to Ms. Austen for getting sucked in to such rubbish.

one of my projects finishes on Wednesday which will be a huge weight off … but another one is waiting in the wings. hopefully this won’t be as big and I’ll have more time for life. midsomer murders is starting to back up on our dvr planner!


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