rubbing, porking … Sunday roast.

I consider myself a pretty good cook but I just don’t get the dry rub. how do you get it to stick to the sides of a roast? do I just make a thick crust on the top and let it slide off as it cooks?

sidebar: my sister once got dry rub mixed up with dry hump. (she’s a bit sheltered living in the bible belt of michigan). it caused a bit of confusion when I asked if I could help with dinner and she told me to dry hump the steak. i saw the bowl of herbs next to the steak so I knew what she meant so I didn’t bother to correct her because I might’ve had to explain dry humping.

so anyway, we’re having pork roast for dinner with a half ass rub on it (most of it fell off). but my crackling turned out perfect.


and braised cabbage


and polenta chips.


I’m a bit disappointed that I forgot about dessert but I think we enough food. I love Sunday roasts!


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