australia day.

day off! yay! well, kind of. I had to meet with a freelance client and do some work for him. it actually wasn’t as painful as i imagined and he wasn’t quite the philistine I thought he would be. we spent the rest of the day lazing around, watching movies. we watched a disappointing BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre from 2011. I heard this was better than the 2006 one so i had high hopes. it wasn’t very good at all. I’m reading the book right now. I am all of a sudden remembering why I found any of the bronte sisters tedious to read. it’s hard to imagine that people actually talked like that (especially children). I’m going to stick with it. I’ve been buying a lot of books lately. I’m going to be throwing a few books out to make room. I just ordered hardback penguin editions of all the austen and dickens books. they have pretty artwork on the covers. I can’t wait. I’m feeling so nerdy again … now I have to make the time to read.

American idol is back on (can I hear a woop woop?). I watched the first one last night. some annoying kid, when asked what he was going to sing, said “have you ever seen Shrek? I’m going to sing the song from that.” the song was hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and I was annoyed that he referred to it as “the song from Shrek.” maybe I felt old … my birthday is coming soon. many moons ago I went to a David Bowie/nine inch nails gig. Bowie was on stage and the man who sold the world started and these teeny bopper chicks behind me were like “ohmigod! he’s totally covering nirvana!” i really felt old then and i think i was only in my twenties at the time. I wanted to turn around and smack them but I was afraid the sudden movement may have broken my hip. so anyway, this Shrek kid didn’t make it to Hollywood and I was able to sleep peacefully.

and in other news …

my new job is really great. I’m really enjoying it.

the Brit is still REALLY nerdy

I’ve been campaigning hard for a puppy

my only plant is now dying which may negate the whole puppy thing

AND… are any Americans who love me reading this?? I need a magnet from obama’s website that has Bo on it and says “bark for Obama.” they don’t ship here. I’d ask my parents but I’m afraid if they touched any sort of liberal/Obama swag, it’d be like matter and anti-matter colliding. tragic.


4 thoughts on “australia day.

  1. Don’t worry about it for second! I already saw the link for it. Is that all you want? Craving anything else from the states? Send me an email with the mailing address.

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