here I am. rest assured. I’m just being my usual crap self.

the new job is going swimmingly though I REALLY hate being the new girl. I also have to work at winning everyone’s trust but that is coming slowly. I did some really impressive design work and my manager is now letting me deal directly with the client. that’s a good sign, eh?

i got paid for the first time and the Brit got his new salary so we went out today and had a massive shopping binge. I bought four pairs of shoes, four dresses, books, blu rays and all sorts of other crap. the Brit bought … a shirt. way to show restraint, dude.

volumes 1-100 of the sweet valley high series are on sale on eBay and I deliberated for a very long time. I looked at the picture, then over at the Brit, then back to the picture. what would he think? I didn’t buy them.

but I bookmarked the page. possible birthday pressie, I think.


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  1. yeah, I bet you’re not on eBay looking to buy the whole series. when i read you comment to the Brit, he said “I don’t know what they are but I can only imagine.” he’s missing out.

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