the first week at my new job was great. I had actual work to do which was good. I love it. traveling with the Brit is great. I’m sure he misses his reading time on the tram but I think I’m infinitely more entertaining than any old book.

last night we had mid eastern food delivered for dinner which made me really sick last night. it was horrible and disgusting and I’m feeling a bit yucky still this morning. the Brit is working out but I’m skipping it and instead I went on a massive shoe spree and ordered five pairs. I had second thoughts after I put the order through but too late now. my sense of will power seems to kick in after the event. it’ll be an early birthday pressie for me.

ah, I guess it’s time to call the parentals. I really can’t be bothered because I’m not feeling well but if I don’t call them, they assume things like I was kidnapped by rabid kangaroos or, worst yet, the Brit divorced me. neither has happened yet but my mom is convinced the latter will if I don’t do the laundry more often.

we have opera today at the cinema. I think it’s Handel or Strauss, I can’t remember. all I know is that I fall asleep during either of those. Strauss operas have that plinky plonky harpsichord music while people talk which I don’t like. it’s better than Wagner though.

okay. enough procrastinating. calling my mom now …


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