first post of 2012.

as per usual the Brit and i were in bed before midnight only to be woken up by the fireworks, have a cuddle and fall back asleep. we’re so lame. but it meant that we were able to get up early this morning and workout before it gets too hot. I am now sitting in front of our air conditioner trying to stop sweating. the workout was hard and I thought I was going to collapse but I feel awesome.

it’s been a great holiday so far- we’ve been eating delicious food and spending time with our friends. on Friday, we had a block party. we blocked off our little street and had a little picnic in our little urban oasis. it was great fun.


the Brit actually passed out before all of us which was odd. I thought for sure he would wake up super hung over but it was I who was hurting. after everyone left, I tucked the Brit in and I did the dishes … and decided to finish up the last of the port (you know, waste not, want not). bad idea. I passed out on the couch. the Brit thought I slept upstairs because he was snoring … I didn’t say anything to the contrary. I made us some lattes and bacon sandwiches and by eleven, we were well sorted but too washed out to even think about having a big NYE.

and here are. it is 2012. 2011 was great and I learned a lot about myself and I love the Brit even more which I didn’t think was even possible. my heart is full of love and light and I am looking forward to what this new year will bring.


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