sheesh. what a gloomy day. i may need to put up my charlie brown xmas tree to brighten things up. the brit is playing my muppets christmas cd right now. it makes me smile. I’m glad to not have any chores taking us out today. it’s cold and rainy. yesterday we went to the state theatre to see Opera Australia do Don Giovanni. it was really good. next Saturday we are going back to see La Traviata which I am so excited to see. it’s one of my favourite operas of all time. the weekend after that is Xmas. it’s crazy how quickly time flies. I’m very much looking forward to Christmas day. I’ve been feeling homesick and a day with my adopted family doing absolutely nothing except enjoying our time with each other is just what I need.

we’re going to watch muppets from space today. we picked a muppet christmas carol but we’re going to save that one for Christmas eve. I’ve been in a muppet mood lately, eagerly anticipating their new movie to be released here.

I havent picked up the brit’s toaster yet. I can’t decide on the black or stainless steel one. I’m leaning towards the black one. I have until Friday to decide and order it to ensure a Christmas delivery. I may leave work early tomorrow and check them out at David jones on my way home. I have to be at work tomorrow at 7am for an interview. ugh. that means catching the 6am tram and that means waking up at … yuck, I don’t even want to think about it. this chick better be worth it. her cv looks good but I have a feeling she’ll be bored to tears.

on a serious note, I’ve been following the journey of this woman who is facing stage 4 breast cancer (I found her through my cousin back home who is facing the same battle). her husband is an amazing photographer who has been chronicling their journey. his photos are amazing, beautiful and heart wrenching. I’ve never commented on his Facebook or his website but I’ve donated money and have been watching. according to his blog, Jen is back in the hospital and not doing well and I’ve been feeling sad for him and his family. it’s also made me feel so grateful for everything that I have. click here to see his work.


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