the Brit and I went to the met hd thing to see “siegfried.” snore. five hours and I was asleep for most of it. I’ve tried to like Wagner but it’s not for me. the best part of the opera was the intermission when I ate the best sandwich ever from the gourmet French shop down the road. there is one more opera from the ring series. if it’s five hours, I may send the Brit on his own.

I finally scored some herbes de provence down the road from the cinema so the day wasn’t completely wasted. I’ve been savoring my last bottle from America and I ran out a few weeks ago. surprisingly, Coles and woolworths don’t carry it (sarcasm). I asked someone about it last time i was in a Coles and they were like “um, we got chicken salt.” yeah, because it’s exactly the same thing.

I’ve planned our Christmas all day lazy grazing menu starting with breakfast and lasting well into the evening. wear trousers with elastic waistbands y’all. however, that being said, I have tried not to go too heavy BUT be warned: the pièce de résistance at the end of the evening is a dessert called a “girdle buster.”

everyone’s Xmas pressies are done except mine for the brit. I was going to get him a kitchenaid toaster but it got only average reviews so I’m getting him a magimix toaster. it has a window on the side so you can see if your toast is getting too brown. I thought he’d appreciate it since I’m always like “don’t burn my crumpet!!!” and if I see him stick a fork in the slot one more time to retrieve a slice of toast, I’m going to ban toaster usage. I’m not sure what happens but it can’t be good. my dad said so … then again, he waves his hands in front of electrical outlets after he unplugs something to disperse the “leftover” electricity. but anyway, it can’t be safe. and I got him series 1-3 of QI. I deleted the link on our dvr so he can’t watch any more episodes. he looked sad when I told him that the must’ve stopped showing them (evil laugh). I know he wants a couple wii games and cds but he’ll just have to get them himself. I’m preparing myself for the eventuality that I won’t get paid for my last month cuz the Russian holiday put me in negative leave.

speaking of work, I only have two more weeks left. I’m officially official … I signed my contract and returned it to the hr peeps (I actually made the Brit bring it into work and put it in the internal mail). the search is on for my replacement. they actually changed the role to be more admin than design. probably because Hal can’t work his outlook diary which i refused to do. “get a PA.” I said. so I guess that’s what they’re doing.

I’m looking forward to a nice lazy Sunday playing wii and watching tv. we are almost done with super Mario galaxy 2. we have 236 stars and you need 240 to unlock the last bit. we probably would’ve completed it yesterday if we skipped Wagner! the Brit realised that I am good at something: triple jumps and crazy wall jumping so he put me in charge of a couple of levels. I don’t move my hands wildly like the Brit. he almost knocked his drink off the table doing a spin jump. “you don’t have to shake the remote so vigorously” I told him but he blames the motion control. I dare not argue with him. super Mario galaxy 2 almost caused our first ever fight. I was just being sensitive and the Brit was growing increasingly frustrated at my inability to jump in a straight line. it’s like we need to burn some sage and do breathing exercises before we start playing.


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