Hal was being a total douchbag to me today so I relished the fact that at the end of the day, he called me into a meeting room to tell me that the company was prepared to counter offer. what would it take? I pulled some ridiculous six figure number out of my ass and he wrote it down in his little book and said “we’ll talk.” oh will we? doubt it.

we have our colleagues from china in the office this week for training. I went up to the board room to meet them (and partake in free sandwiches) and one of the owners came in to introduce himself. speaking very loudly and very slowly (with odd sweeping hand gestures) he made his way around the room. imagine my bemusement when he approached me, introduced himself and welcomed me to australia. I was standing with the trainers and they almost spit their lunch out. “I WORK DOWNSTAIRS. I DESIGN YOUR PROPOSALS” I said just as loud and just as slow. and he said “oops. well, you know…” I’m guessing the last bit of that sentence was “…you all look the same.”

I took a few Asians down to meet Hal. you know what he did? he presented his business card to them with both hands and bowed. deeply. like he was offering his Asian parents a cup of tea at his wedding ceremony. that kind of bow. the Asians looked at me like “what do we do?” and I just stood there mortified. so the head Asian (he’s the head Asian cuz he’s the tallest) stuck his hand out to shake hal’s hand and Hal placed his business card between his fingers. more confusion ensued. I prayed for the floor to open up and swallow me.

I don’t think six figures is enough to stay.

I found out that at my new job, I’ll be on a shiny big Mac and ms office 2011 so I need to get up to speed on that.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday.

  1. OMG, that is hilariously bad. We all still pine for the days of DB, this is great stuff.

    And of course, you’re leaving again…

  2. Office on a Mac? I remember Declan telling me all the shortcuts you could do on the Windows version that you can’t do on the Mac. Mind you, if I had that job, I’d probably redo an entire document in InDesign rather than attempt to coerce Word to make it look like I want it to…

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