I’ve been getting really great feedback from people at work. not Hal (he will forever be a douchbag) but from people that matter … like the CEO, and the vice president and the rest of senior management. they want me to have a greater role in strategic marketing. they love my work. they want me to make the company cool. It’s like “pimp my ride” and I’m xzibit. so I’m feeling guilty. like I’m cheating or something. i’ve never been in a job for less than a year. but my almost new boyfriend comes with a 30% increase in pay. plus, he lives within walking distance from home. so maybe I don’t feel so guilty. more like I’m stealing a couple packs of post-it notes from the supply cupboard. that’s not so bad.

I’m listening to some old school prince and the revolution right now on the tram. trying not to watch the old man next to me pick his nose (seriously, digging for gold) out of the corner of my eye. i can’t wail til i’m so old i don’t give a f***. I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

no thanksgiving this year … but i may cook us a meal, just the family (you know who you are, I hope). let me know what you think. I’m making blueberry pies for all the neighbours though. next year we’ll do it up properly.

that’s it for now šŸ™‚

ps. r.i.p. heavy d


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