when it rains, it pours

no word from the first job. I’m assuming there’s a fair bit of posturing and politicking going on there.

had a first interview for the other job on Monday and they called back and I meet with the CEO on Monday for another interview.

had call back from that phone interview I had last week and the senior managers are very interested and will call this week.

had an offer at my current job to move to California. (turned that one down)

crazy. I feel so “in demand” now.

speaking of raining/pouring, there’s storm coming our way which I used as an excuse to leave early. ha. the sky is still blue but you never know with the freak weather here. we looked at the Doppler on my computer for twenty minutes. a good use of time.

the Brit and I went to our first met in hd broadcast this past Saturday. it was Anna bolena which was pretty good. the Brit fell asleep, hee hee. I’m really looking forward to the Phillip glass one in a few weeks. the brit thinks it’ll be crap but I think it’s going be great.

thanksgiving … not sure if I’m doing it this year. my guess is probably but I’ll have to see! shit, I just realised it’s November so I better make a decision … will get back to you soon! geez, time flies when you’re obsessing over jobs!

time to go. my tram stop is next! still no sign of a storm.


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