so here’s the deal

they (communications director, sr. graphic designer) love me. they want me. the comm director’s new boss wants him to hire someone he referred from his last job but the comm director likes me better. so now they have to fight for me. I’m all over the place now. I hope I win but you never know… this is all coming from the Brit who talked to the graphic designer. he told me to be confident but I hate that my fate is controlled by someone who hasn’t even met me. they were supposed to call me today but I didn’t get a call … so I’m thinking maybe they called the other person first cuz the got the job.


2 thoughts on “so here’s the deal

  1. Well, you’re still in a better position than me… I called the recruiter for my “fallback” job (which became my main focus after hearing back about the other one) on Friday and she didn’t get back to me, and now I see it advertised again on Seek today. Sigh. I hate everyone!

  2. that’s a really crap thing to do from a hiring point of view. keep looking! the brit clarified what he said… that MAYBE I’ll hear something today but it wan’t definite…

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