today is the day.

I almost walked out the door with my cardigan inside out.
bad omen … or good (because I caught it)?

I got a haircut on Saturday and my hairdresser cut my fringe too short. and he did some funky thing with them that I can’t replicate on my own (i’m hair-challenged-i can’t hold a brush in one hand and dryer in the other). it looks like I cut my fringe myself. with kitchen scissors. in the dark.

I’m really nervous. I was going over my answers in the shower but I think I’m just going to wing it. I never liked interviewing candidates who sounded too rehearsed.

at least the downpour of rain has ceased. that’s a good sign.


2 thoughts on “today is the day.

  1. Bugger, I meant to send you good luck wishes first thing this morning! Hope it all went well, and if it hasn’t already happened… Good Luck!

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