me (via email): they called. i got an interview!
brit:  see i told you.
me: yep. monday at 10am. he said it’d only take 45 minutes.
brit: really? that’s short!
me: yeah i know …. maybe they don’t have any intention of hiring me but are seeing me as a courtesy to you!
brit: yeah. i’m sure that’s it. they’re taking the time to meet you so my feelings don’t get hurt.
me: oh no! i can’t believe they’d do that!
brit: but they’re not.
me: then why did you bring it up?
brit: you brought it up, crazy girl. calm down.

sheesh. no wonder the brit doesn’t mind working late. i’m even annoying myself.

i usually ace interviews even though i have a proclivity to chattiness …  or “word vomit” is more appropriate. it’s what happens when i get nervous and instead of saying “uuuummmm” while i’m thinking about what i want to say, i fill that gap with banal chitter chatter. the brit thinks it’s funny. i don’t and i cringe every time i hear myself doing it.

hal is really annoying me too. we had a fight on monday and ever since, he’s been giving me the CRAPPIEST admin jobs ever. it looks like we’re both passive aggressive but i think i’m better at it. i told his boss that i couldn’t pretty up her presentation because hal has me busy typing numbers in a spreadsheet for the rest of the week. next thing i know, hal is summoned to her office and i spent the rest of the afternoon working on her presentation. ha ha.

shit. an email from my sister just popped up reminding me to buy stuff for her son’s fundraiser. hmmm, what do i want…? a tin of popcorn or a summer sausage? i don’t even know what the hell a summer sausage is. and they won’t ship it here so my mom will get the benefit of said summer sausage. the brit was like “can’t we just give his school money and say what it’s for??” i wish. it’s 4.30 in the morning where my sister is which makes me think that she’s been up all night thinking about how i haven’t purchased anything yet so i better do it now before i forget again. i don’t want to be the bad auntie.


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