Monday blah.

I’m feeling pessimistic and ordinary today. it could be because I’ve been up since 3.30am. the Brit had a 6am flight to Sydney this morning so he had to wake up extra early. I kept waking up every hour, paranoid that he would miss his flight.

I didn’t get a call about the job today. I was told last week that they hoped to shortlist today and she would keep me posted. I don’t think she’d tell me that she’d keep me posted if I wouldn’t be shortlisted. that’s what I’ve been telling myself. the Brit told me to calm down and that I probably wouldn’t hear from them until the end of the week. I’m a basket case, especially since I had such a crappy day at work.

I’m in need of positive energy, happy thoughts, sleep and my beautiful hubby (he’ll be home later tonight).


2 thoughts on “Monday blah.

  1. I stil haven’t heard about the job I went for! And the interview was last Friday week! Waaaaah! I think I might call the HR guy. No wait, I’ll email him: it’s less confrontational.

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