teeny tiny update

I’ve been fretting about this damn job. I’m paranoid about the email not getting through. poor Brit. he’s had to manage my neurosis with the utmost patience and optimism.

he had a chat with the senior designer who works on the team that advertised the position and she asked to see my cv. she doesn’t do the hiring but she’ll have a say. so I sent it to her and she replied back and asked how long I’ve been working with the creative suite. I’ve been using it for years but only “properly” for the past six years. she replied back “oooo, that’s great…” and that they’ll hopefully shortlist on Monday. so do you think she meant “ooo” like “oooo we need someone with more experience” or “oooo, that’s fantastic!” am I thinking too much about this? she did say that my cv looks good … but don’t you have to say that? I need the Brit to come home and exorcise the crazy person that has taken over my body. however, his working late is an opportune time for me to play super mario galaxy 2 without him telling me how to use the controller.

so I guess I’ll sit tight until next week ……..


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