luggage limitations.

23 kilos. that’s all I get. I piled everything I wanted to bring into my suitcase and weighed it. i’m at 19.5. and then I realised I forgot to include some necessities. i’ll need to rethink. I want to allow extra room for shopping. do I really need to bring 8 pairs of shoes? I’m counting on the Brit to be way under so I can put some of my stuff in his.

I did nothing today at work except clean my desk and push paper around. I left at 3 and did some shopping in the city. I bought a little travel iron, trench coat, and more undies. I think I am well and truly ready now… except for that packing bit… I’ll sort it out later.

there’s a body scanner at Melbourne airport but the image looks like a chalk outline of a corpse rather than the naked ones I’ve seen. it’s voluntary. I’ll do it if the queue is shorter.

well that’s all for now. time for dinner. we don’t leave till tomorrow arvo so I’ll be lurking around here.

p.s. my dinner last night was lovely, thanks for asking. coriander root definitely does not taste as horrible as coriander leaves. I will be ordering it again.


2 thoughts on “luggage limitations.

  1. Enjoy the trip! I wanted to stop by this evening and say hi and go “tag!” but I went straight to bed instead. Working the day after you get back from Europe is NOT a good idea, FYI.

  2. ha! thanks! that’s why we have a week off!! i’ll try to keep in touch while on the boat though i think the wi fi may be spotty (according to cruizingranny).

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