four more sleeps.

the brit is disappointed that he didn’t finish his packing last night. i pack an hour before we’re meant to leave but i have plenty of lists so i don’t forget anything. he was too busy rearranging CDs and stuff. i spent a couple hours on the bookshelves and then gave up. i had a system for how i wanted the books arranged but then it wasn’t working out so then i tried to separate authors by “dead” and “alive” but we have more stuff by dead guys than we do living. then i tried by era, then by subject matter. at the end, i just put the books in wherever they would fit and told the brit we’d need to try to organise them another day. he seemd a bit unsure about putting my ratty old high school copies of shakespeare next to his brand spanking new arden editions. he didn’t notice that i put my girlie books (prep, a girls guide to hunting and fishing) next to his bukowski. i’m sure he will be moving things around. my organisation only goes up so high anyway cuz i  can’t reach the top shelf (and barely the one below it) and i couldn’t be bothered to get a chair. those are all the brit’s books anyway.

i knew this would happen. i have done f*ck all today and will probably continue on my journey of nothingness until the end of the week. my mind has already fast-forwarded to 4.30 on thursday when we are officially on holiday. i looked at my whiteboard, moved some deadlines to late october, sniffed the marker for a bit longer and then proceeded to zone out in front of my computer until a meeting reminder popped up (i accidentally typed “pooped up” at first. i’ve been thinking lately about pooping on the ship and what happens to it all. and the stress of not being able to do my business in the comfort of my own bathroom and how i just might not go for the entire two weeks. too much information? sorry. i think too much about things). anyway, i should be working on an interactive PDF form in livecycle. it was perfect and exporting to a delimited file just as they wanted and then they decided they wanted to change it and my motivation to work on it has waned. i’m looking into infopath forms thinking that may work better but i’ll stick with livecyle for now. anyone have any opinions? hmm, boring work stuff. sorry. i plan on leaving work at 3.30 today to run some “errands.”  i’m more worried about finishing season 2 of the wire before we leave than i am about getting some of my projects done. priorities.

i finally talked to my mom and dad this past weekend. my mom’s travel advice was to poop everyday (see, that’s where i get it from!!) and not to talk to foreigners. i told her that since we were going to be in a foreign country the latter might be difficult to achieve but i’d try. and then she said something like “i hope the boat doesn’t sink. don’t forget to send me money before you go.” thanks mom.

we have no food. i thought i ordered enough to last us until we left but apparently not. not surprising though. my myki pass expired today because i didn’t get my sums right when i was putting money on my card. i can’t seem to do simple math (you know, addition and counting).  how un-asian of me. we’ll either be getting a lot of takeaway this week or eating cereal for dinner. i’m fine with cereal but i suspect the brit will want more sustenance than a bowl of special K. if i were a good wifey deserving of an Ipad, i would pick up groceries after work. who knows, i still might seeing as though i’m still at work typing this to copy and paste into a blog post later (i told you i’m doing f*ck all). more on that later. i doubt my wifely instinct will manifest itself while i’m in the city but you never know. i’m going into the city to by underwear to bring to the trip because i can’t be bothered to do laundry … how wifely is that?


so i’m home and no i didn’t get anything for dinner (but i did buy some nice things for me :)). i did scrounge up enough bits and bobs to make a bolognese sauce. it’s simmering now and smells lovely.

when i got home, the brit was doing laundry but i told him i bought new pants anyway to ensure i had enough to wear without having to turn them inside out (btw, i have never done that but know someone that did).  the brit said “that’s funny! i was going to get some too this week!”


2 thoughts on “four more sleeps.

  1. yeah, i know which is why i’m trying alternatives. they need all sorts of things to happen based on their answers (like entire parts of the form disappearing). they think the final product is amazing but oh the pain! when are you back in melbourne? 🙂

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