This past week has been insanely busy but I managed to get loads of work done which is great. I’m hoping for a mellow week but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
Yesterday was awesome. We woke up early and I went off to get a haircut and when I got back our new bookcase and cd case arrived. They are beautiful.
Later on, we headed out to see bell shakespeare’s Julius Caesar which sucked. They totally changed the ending. The first half was good but then it sucked.
After the play we headed to the shop where the Brit bought me 80s hits volume 2 and some other bits and bobs.
After shopping, we went to grossi florentino for a fantastic dinner. During dinner the Brit presented me with a gift – an iPad! At first I freaked out thinking that I forgot an anniversary or something but he said it was just a pre-holiday pressie. How awesome is he? And to think I was just going to get him a toaster for his birthday!
I just finished setting up the 3G thing and I am all good for traveling.
I am so hoping for a quiet week so I can do some blogging and packing. I started writing my workload on the whiteboard behind me which Hal thinks is super-organised but to be honest, just like the buzz I get from the fumes.
Well more to come later. Breakfast pizza is ready.


2 thoughts on “Sunday.

  1. You’re not planning to use the 3G while overseas, are you? Unless you’ve got some fancy overseas data plan it’s super expensive!

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