yesterday, the brit bought me the best of the 80s and best of the 90s CD sets (there was a lot of eye rolling on the brit’s part and a lot of “please? please? please?” on mine. we also got a plug to charge our ipod. on the box it said “sleek design doesn’t cover other outlets when plugged in.”  the brit was like “that should just be a given!”

no luck on buying russian money but i knew that would be the case based on my research (i.e. googling). we’ll probably buy some american money and use that. it was worth trying anyway.

we started watching crimson petal and the white yesterday. i was quite excited but i’m a bit disappointed. it’s not very good and i’m having a hard time getting over the fact that the lead guy is from the IT crowd. a lot of butts and boobs in this one. the brit says we’ll stick with it for a couple more episodes and if it doesn’t improve, we’ll give up on it.

i brought some work home to do this weekend but i probably won’t look at it today. instead, we will watch movies and play video games. the kiwi and other asian are coming over for sunday roast so a trip to the market to pick up some bits of bobs and a little cooking for me but a lazy sunday is in order.


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