a whole week, eh?

yup, i let a whole week slip by and not a peep. this week was so busy. i’m rapidly crossing things off on my to-do list at work but things keep getting added just as quickly so my list seems to never shrink. the good news is that i’m making a huge impact at work and finally people in other areas of the business are taking notice and realising my worth. as a result, i’m insanely busy with requests from everyone but it’s good. i’m really liking it and it means minimal interaction with Hal. i was on cake club duty today and i made 50 mini sausage rolls and two blueberry pies and it was gone by midday. i can’t believe 16 people polished it all off. neither can the brit. he was hoping for leftovers.

we got our russian visa sorted … or not, because it was too hard to extend an extra day in st. petersburg so we’re flying back a day early. the downside is that we have to fly shitstar (jetstar) from singapore to melbourne but at least it’s only 8 hours (or 7, i can’t remember) and not the 15 hours from helsinki to singapore. that would’ve sucked. anyone wanna watch our house (other asian, kiwi, australian?! hmmm?)

we finished the first season of the wire and we are hooked. i don’t know if it’s the best show ever made but it certainly is the best cop drama i’ve seen. we’ll probably start season two tonight. our indian food is on its way. ahhh, fridays. i love ’em.

we plan to lay low this weekend. the brit wants to take  a stroll into town to get a converter so we can charge up our phones/nintendos/ stuffs on the boat, preorder Zelda for the wii (NERD), and check to see if the bureau de change (that’s brit-speak for a place that sells foreign currency) has russian rubles we can buy. we might do dinner at grossi florentino to use up a voucher i was given as part of my leaving gift at my at my last job. we’ll see.

i don’t have to call my parents this weekend. i got this email from them:

i swear, that’s all it was. no salutation or anything. and i love the way they sign it “mom (& dad).  i forwarded it to the brit as further evidence of their oddness and he was like “i love them.” i do too. it made me smile.


7 thoughts on “a whole week, eh?

  1. I would really appreciate it if you would you restore the “what I’m reading right now bit” that used to be on your blog.

    I’ve got “Mennonite in a little black dress” because I saw it here, otherwise I might not have come across it.


  2. Excellent, thank you. In return I feel it’s time to tell you that I’m female (did I tell you before? I can’t remember. It’s kind of hard to tell from my name). I’m also an American ex-pat. I’m not sure how old you are but I’m guessing I’m a fair bit older. I really enjoy your writing. It’s very “alive”. Lots of things have made me laugh. Thank you.

  3. Hi miki! thanks for visiting and it’s always great to hear from you! i’m 35 but i still feel like a kid most of the time.

    Garrett … i love you! my parents are great. odd, but great.

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