we picked up our passports yesterday with our russian visas! i noticed that our flight is the day after our cruise ends which is also when our visa ends so we need to move our flight a day earlier or get our visa extended an extra day. i think the former will be easier than the latter so we need to call the travel agent tomorrow and get it sorted. we also got a lovely pleather case with brochures and itineraries for our trip. i can’t wait!

in an effort to avoid spending money, the brit and i are laying low and not going out. it’s not working because i just bought two dresses online and i can see the brit out of the corner of my eye and he’s on amazon. i just wasted over an hour of my life watching a duff episode of midsomer murders and am continuing my downward spiral of bad television by watching project runway australia. i need the brit to save me from myself and suggest something more edifying.

work has been busy but good. i called hal an idiot at our meeting last thursday but i think he thought i was kidding because he started laughing.  muttered “i wasn’t kidding” under my breath but the only person who heard it was the girl who sitting next to me because she started giggling. he is an idiot.  i have a ton of things i want to get done before i go on holiday so i’m going to be super busy.i brought home work this weekend but only spent a couple of hours on it on saturday and haven’t touched in since. i really need to be more disciplined. it’s like my work ethic has diminished since quitting my fancy corporate job. this friday is my cake day which means i’ll be up late on thursday because i’ll put off baking until an hour before bed. i’m making sausage rolls and blueberry pie.  at least i’m super committed to the cake club.

right. i can’t stand project runway australia. i’m going to bake a cake instead.


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