my day = craptastic.

first thing in this morning, hal comes over to my desk and knocks on it. which, by the way really annoys me. he’ll walk over to my desk, knock on the corner of it and then stand really straight with his hands behind his back and wait for me to acknowledge him. i’ve been listening to my ipod lately so i can pretend not to hear him knock and i’ve positioned my computer monitors in such a way that it would seem almost plausible that i can’t see him in my peripherals. so anyway, hal come a-knocking and it’s too early to have my shit together so i’m all like “what?!” you know what he says? “ooh, did we get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” i don’t know, did WE? i hate that. Hal’s like “it looks like the workbook you built is broken. i don’t know what happened.” now i’m sort of freaking out because that stupid thing took me two months to do but i also have hope that hal is just being a dumbass. i open the file and lo and behold, all of my code and macros and all that fun stuff has been stripped out which perplexes me because i thought i locked it down. apparently not. i thought i was going to cry but instead i let fly a few expletives. hal, still smiling, asks “do you think you can fix it this week?” bah. i told him it would take weeks and i won’t look at it before i go on holiday so who knows when it’ll be done.  ten minutes later, i get an email from hal asking that when i fix it, can i add a bunch of other enhancements to it. if he asks again, i’m going to tell him where he could shove his stupid enhancements.

and that was my day. actually my entire day wasn’t too bad but this really put a damper on things.


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