i’m back!

i’ve been around but i had to take a break from bloggy land and emails and text messages and everything else. no, i’m not going through a personal crisis or anything.  i just needed a little time to be super duper craptastically lazy. i even took a break from calling the parentals. my mom probably thinks that the brit kicked me out of the house and i’m living in a box. i better call her this weekend.

work lately has been incredibly busy for me but incredibly good because i’ve been working on a little bit of everything. it’s great because i don’t have time to do hal’s stupid admin stuff anymore (hal is what i call my manager. it’s short for halitosis).

the new girl who is replacing my ex-colleague started today. when i asked hal about her last week, he said she was chinese and nudged me and winked.  i swear he thinks that all asians are the same or we speak pan-asian because he was shocked when i told him a few weeks ago that no, i could not translate our proposal to korean.

moving on.

new girl started. i was not impressed by the fact that her clothes were totally wrinkled. not “sitting in your car” wrinkled, but “i found this dress balled up in the corner of my drawer” wrinkled. on my first day, i at least try to make an effort by ironing the parts of my clothing that will be seen (by that i mean, if i’m wearing a jacket, i only iron the front of my shirt. why bother with the sleeves and back?). she also has sweaty hands. and she has an annoying laugh. i tried to do it for the brit but couldn’t do it. ever see the movie the dark crystal? she sounds like she’s calling for her mythical beast to swoop down and pick her up. i emailed my old colleague (who interviewed her) and asked if he knew about her annoying laugh. he said yes but forgot to tell me. i think he did it on purpose to annoy me. not a great start for me. hopefully she can do her job.

that’s it for work.

what else?

i made “friends” with a foreign guy on the tram. he may have been german but all he could say to me was “i’m travelling!” and smile and nod vigorously. he said this to me every time i looked in his general direction. i’d be like “that’s nice.” “oh really?”  and “uh huh.” by the fifth time, i was like “yeah, i know.” he looked like the crypt keeper but with a fedora and one of those jackets with leather patches on the elbows. he was cute and all but when he got off at my stop, i thought he was going to follow me home.  i keep looking outside to make sure he’s not lurking outside.

and here’s some more randomness …

the australian dollar has dropped below parity with the US dollar. oh well. it was nice it lasted. i’m glad i bought my niece’s ipod touch when it was good! i’m the coolest auntie ever but i suspect that my sister does the switch – she’ll say the ipod is from her and the socks and underwear are from her aunt and uncle in australia. how could i know, right? luckily i enslisted my mother to set the record the straight with my sister’s children.

wanna know my latest gripe? electrical outlets in australia. well, i don’t know if it’s the outlet or the plug design  but i cannot plug my phone charger and my computer charger in the same outlet because they don’t fit side-by-side. this is the case for most of our stuff. it annoys the hell out of me.  stupid.

oh, and i have a cold! hooray!

aren’t you glad i’m back?


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