sunday. dot points.

  • i finished our mutual friend today. i loved it. i want to go back and read it again. my next book is a far cry from kensington by muriel spark. when i’m done with that, i think i’ll read bleak house again.
  • i made a blueberry pie yesterday and the brit said it’s the best pie he’s ever had. i don’t usually like blueberries but the pie was really tasty. i’ll have to add it to the list of desserts for thanksgiving.
  • i think i’m getting a cold (yeah, i know). i’m going to drink a lemsip to kick its ass.
  • a funny thing happened to me on the way to the chemist. i bought shoes! three and a half inch heels but i can actually walk in them like a normal person so i had to buy them.
  • there’s a heat wave in america. my parents are suffering in the extreme heat (45+°C ) in michigan and i’m freezing my ass off in melbourne. something doesn’t seem right about that.
  • time for bed! i’ll be back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “sunday. dot points.

  1. I’m reading Brideshead Revisited but feel a bit wary because my first Evelyn Waugh was “The Loved One” and I thought it was awful. It struck me as really phony and dated.

    Just saw the 1980s TV series of Brideshead on DVD and that was really good so decided I must finally read the book.

    I miss your posts. I guess your new workplace must be better because you’re not complaining much. Which I guess was the general idea in switching.

  2. ha ha! thanksgiving is soon Other Asian!

    Hi miki! i haven’t read The Loved One or Brideshead. i read his two early ones Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies and loved them both. i should get the brit’s take because he’s read them all.

    i have A LOT to complain about. but different stuff. it’s just a matter of getting my thoughts together so i don’t sound like an idiot. and finding the time! i’ve made a resolution to be better. this week has sucked tho!

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