it’s 5.30am on a saturday

what the crap? i tried really hard to fall back to sleep.

i had a dream about a nightmare meeting i had at work on thursday. my manager’s manager realised that i was about to lose it, and invited me to an offsite meeting at her house for the entire afternoon yesterday (which involved lots of wine and good cheese). i have a meeting with her on monday to discuss changing teams and roles. she is everyone’s boss so what she says goes.  it was a good day.

we watched the first episode of game of thrones. it wasn’t bad. i wasn’t like atari-boy at work who was like “ohmigod! it’s so cool!” (snort). i could see why he likes it. there’s a lot of blood and boobs.

the tickets for next season’s met opera in HD finally went on sale. the box office opens at 10am but they are available online so the brit is just buying them now. we were a bit miffed because a mother and her old-maid daughter beat us in the ticket queue this season and stole our seats. we are reclaiming them. yep, this is our life.

we are off to the cinema this arvo for a national theatre production of the cherry orchard. i haven’t read a lot of chekhov. the people who read him when i was in school were super annoying, intellectualising, knobs. it wasn’t until a few years ago i started reading chekov and i really like him so i’m excited for this one.

speaking of reading, our mutual friend is really good. i still think the writing is better in edwin drood but i’m really enjoying OMF so far. it dragged a bit in the beginning but it’s picking up now.


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