i had another sick day yesterday. i attempted to go into the office but got sent home almost straightaway. on my way to work, some chick decided to sit across from me on the tram and eat seafood chowder. at 7.15 in the morning. the smell was overpowering. i was never the same after that. i felt nauseous for the rest of the day and evening. i was sick last night so i worked from home today. i am sustaining on plain rice, dry cereal, scrambled eggs and water. i’m afraid to eat anything else right now. i’m definitely going to work tomorrow. i have a big proposal due on friday. i’ve written most of it today already but there are some things i can’t do until i’m in the office.

overall, except for the stomach thing and nasty cough, i am feeling better.

the brit is trying to figure out how i want my scrambled egg for dinner. i like my egg to be a certain way so i better do it myself. time to go!


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