you’d think i have a life.

i haven’t been blogging lately and that is purely out of laziness and a lack of news. there still isn’t really much to share.

someone on my team resigned. the ONE person who i could rely on. he interviewed me. it’s a blow because i know that once he’s gone, there’ll be a lot of pressure on me to run the proposals. i’m not looking forward to it (three words come to he got a cushy government job and he wants my contact details because he’s keen to bring me along for a designery type role. i’m not holding my breath but it’d be nice to be working in the city again. i don’t like the suburbs.

my mom is retiring at the end of july and she asked me to write her goodbye speech. i want to put in a joke and “yuk yuk yuk” after it because i think it would be funny for my mom to say it in a flat, monotone voice with a filipino accent. she told me to keep it simple. i’m making the brit write it and then i’ll just americanize it.

i am almost done reading the mystery of edwin drood. the writing is magnificent and is my favourite dickens book by far. i’m going to read our mutual friend next but i don’t see how it can come close.

have i started working out this week? yes. does it suck? yes. but in a good way. i like being sore from working out. see how good i am?

this past weekend the brit indulged me in a bit of retail therapy. i got the new zelda game for my 3DS, and a morgan freeman blu ray called through the wormhole. i was hoping it would provide me with a bowdlerized version of string theory and the such but during the first episode, the brit kept looking over at me saying “do you understand what that means?” and then he would have to pause it and explain it to me. my colleague at work (the one who resigned) is totally into the cosmos and all that stuff. i call it astrology to rile him up.

the brit was going through our DVR and said “we should watch Teen Mom 2”. so i said “really?!” “yeah, isn’t that the one with julia roberts and that other lady?” asked the brit. “no, that’s stepmom. teen mom is that mtv program that you make me watch at a low volume because it annoys you.” the brit was very disappointed. he does enjoy a good julia roberts flick. needless to say that teen mom is still on the DVR unwatched. the brit has a proposal due this week so he’ll probably have a late night at the office so i can watch it in peace. we finished watching war and remembrance which was actually pretty good- jane seymour’s wig was distracting but other than that i liked it. we are halfway through i, claudius (we’re on caligula now) and four episodes into big love.

so you see, that’s what i’ve been doing with my life. nothing earth shattering (speaking of which, there was earthquake here today, or around here, or something like that). i have more to share like the story about the strung out lady who sat next to on the tram and wouldn’t stop staring and smiling at me. or how today i learned that drinking a litre of water before an hour on the tram is not a good idea. it’s all rather mundane.

our trip to russia is fast approaching and the brit is trying to find out if our visas are sorted. i’m thinking about our luggage allowance and how much i should pack in relation to how much shopping we’ll do. priorities, right?


7 thoughts on “you’d think i have a life.

  1. hmmm, it’s been a while since i read it but i did like it but it certainly is not my favourite. i lump that book in with a tale of two cities: books i read and liked, but will not read again. i rate bleak house, david copperfield, the old curiosity shop and edwin drood above GE. the brit says that he thinks great expectations is frustrating and unsatisfying. i’ll let you know how i get on with our mutual friend! if you’re reading GE, i’m curious to hear your thoughts.

  2. I absolutely love GE. I’ve read it several times. But it’s different in tone to any of his other work.

    To me, it is a wonderful story about love, facing loss, facing one’s true self, what it means to grow up. One of the most moving love stories I have read.

    I adore the (accepted) ending. Apparently Dickens had two slightly different versions of the ending. Something that John Fowles copied blatantly in “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.

    Everyone has their favourites.

  3. yes, i was wondering if i read it now, would i appreciate it more which seems to be the case as i’m rereading books i was forced to read in school. maybe i’ll read it again. i think i’ll be a while with our mutual friend! it’s mammoth! πŸ™‚

  4. Hey! Love Through The Wormhole. I have been watching it on Comcast’s On Demand service. Deep.

    Good call on having Dec write the speech.

    My girlfriend and I are coming to visit for Christmas and New Years!

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