i got a note from my parents thanking us for treating them out to dinner. they said that they had plenty of food to take home which makes me think that they ordered two extra meals. i’m glad they had a lovely dinner. they deserve it after the hell i put them through during my adolescent and teenage years.

i’m trying very hard to find motivation and will power. after being sick for so long, i’m finally feeling well enough to start working out again but i’m totally lacking the motivation. i am also seeking will power to NOT buy a pair of shoes from anthropologie. i suppose i can use the shoes as a reward for working out but that doesn’t really work for me. seriously, if next week i am not back to working out, will someone yell at me on my blog? the brit’s too nice to yell at me. he’ll just try to make me feel better by giving me a dish of ice cream.

i swore that i would never watch it but yesterday i gave in and now i’m intrigued. big fat gypsy weddings. fascinating. there’s lots of tulle, rhinestones, exposed midriffs and bleached hair. i linked it in our DVR much to the Brit’s dismay but i blame him for not entertaining me thus leaving me to surf the telly to find something to watch.

i like watching the brit’s many expressions as he scrolls through the recorded programs on our DVR. we are currently watching i claudius right now which i haven’t seen since i was a kid. i’m a fan of roman history, the twelve ceasars and all that stuff so i was excited to watch it again. the brit hasn’t seen it before but he’s read the book. i found this the other day and it made us laugh.


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