yesterday we went to the cinema to watch the met’s production of Die Walküre. i’m trying to keep positive and looking at it as a new experience rather than five and a half hours of my life i will never get back. i fell asleep for a lot of it. i think the brit did too. he admitted he had a hard time staying awake but he’s still keen to see the final two instalments of wagner’s ring cycle. i have no idea what’s going on. something about a ring and a dude with an eyepatch. no hobbits yet but yesterday’s opera had incestuous twins. nice.

after the opera, we went to the book store and i bought david copperfield and a regina spektor cd. by the time we got home it was dark so i warmed up some leftovers, made some brownies and we settled in to watch an episode of big love.

i called my parents yesterday to tell them about my egg rolls (i cooked them frozen). i forgot to put and egg in the mixture and i used minced beef instead of pork but my mother said that they were probably still okay … not as good as hers though. she gave me the recipe for pancit and lumpia so today i’m going to treat the brit to some more filipino food.

i have to work on a proposal today but the motivation to do it is lacking. i probably won’t start it until 9 tonight. maybe a crumpet and coffee will get me moving.


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