the brit and i are on the mend. the brit recovered more quickly. i made the ultimate sacrifice and gave him the last of my cold and flu tablets. (i actually wanted him well enough to take care of me). everyone else at work is sick now but i don’t think they all caught it from me. 

the weekend was lovely and spent relaxing and watching films. there was a teen mom marathon on mtv and i watched half of it. what can i say? the brit wasn’t paying attention to me. i later found out that he was avoiding me because i was watching teen mom. we finished season 2 of mad men and it was way better than season 1 i think. i ordered season 1 of big love so that’ll be next to be watched.

i also tried out my new air fryer on some spring rolls. they didn’t look as pretty as deep fried ones but they were crispy and tasted just as good. so far the actifry is getting high marks from me even though it looks like a hovercraft and sounds like a hair dryer.

the brit and i are watching a documentary about critters in the amazon river. i don’t think that’s a river i’ll be cruising down. it looks like there’s a lot of bugs. not to mention piranhas. and electric eels. and anacondas. yeah, nothing taking me there. 

uh oh, the blu ray is not playing the third season of mad men. the brit is asking me to go on the cambridge audio site. i better do it before he starts cursing at it.


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