saturday morning, thoughts and stuff.

we got up at 4.45 this morning. we did go to bed before ten but still, on a weekend??

i am not feeling too hot this morning and i’m in that purgatory between cold and hay fever, waiting to see which way it goes. i took a lemsip last night and am feeling much better. my manager’s kids (he has FIVE) are all sick so he’s always bringing something nasty to the office. i may just feel a bit foggy because it’s not even 6am yet and i already had to fight a battle with someone about a document i’ll be working on this weekend. i sounded a bit bitchier than usual in my email (no coffee yet) and the brit had to edit it to make it sound nicer. the entire time he’s rewriting it, i’m standing next to him saying “but i’m right, right? he’s being stupid, right?” i’m sure after a cup of coffee and a few hours, i will look back and realise that  … i was right and he was being stupid.

the nerds actually talked to me yesterday. we were kind of friends when i brought in my nintendo 3DS but then avoided me like the plague when i told them, during a world of warcraft convo, that i was a mac person. they stopped talking to me after that. until our breakthrough conversation yesterday with the nerd ringleader. it went like this:
me: excuse me, i just need to get into the fridge.
nerd: sorry. hey, is that hans solo on your t-shirt.
me: yep.
nerd: cool. i like hans solo.
me: mmm hmm.
awkward silence.
nerd: well, see you.
i don’t think i’ll be inviting him to thanksgiving yet and i don’t think he’ll be inviting me to his LAN party. everyone in my office is super nerdy and i have nothing in common with any of them. no one knows what it is exactly i do either and when i tell them they just stare at me blankly. i don’t think i’m the right kind of nerd. oh well. i don’t go to work to make friends.

today we are going to the arts centre to see bell shakespeare’s production of much ado about nothing. i’ve never read it but i’ve seen the kenneth branagh movie which is good enough. i’m not sure if i like this play because i don’t think i really liked the movie that much. i like his (shakespeare, not kenneth branagh) tragedies more than his comedies but i’m still looking forward to it. it can’t be worse than their production of king lear (which is one of my favourites).

i’m trying to find a documentary about the war of the spanish succession and am having no luck. i’m tired of watching stuff about the british monarchs (shh, don’t tell the brit, he thinks i love it) and thought we should branch out but i can’t find anything. anyone know of anything good about it or about the spanish hapsburgs (charles II, et al)?

time for me to do something with myself. the brit is going to get a hair cut. i’m going to grow my hair out i think. i have hair just like the guy on our wonders of the solar system documentary. as soon as the brit switched it on last night, i said “that’s it. i’m growing my hair out!” growing out short hair is always a pain in the ass. especially during that middle phase where it’s kind of a mullet. at least my hair grows fast!!

p.s. i’ve been listening to verdi’s la traviata a lot. it is now my favourite opera ever. if you ever want to see a good opera (or listen to one), pick this one!!


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