i went the entire day thinking it was wednesday. i hate that. at least this weekend is a long weekend. it’s queen’s birthday next monday. they don’t even get queens birthday off in england but i’ll take it. i can do with a nice long weekend! i got asked to do a few workshops at work on design and layout. those don’t always go very well. i always get questions like, “can i use purple even though it’s not in the colour palette?” the last time i gave one of these workshops, i caused quite a controversy by asserting that a two column layout was better and less exhaustive (to the reader) than having lines of text run across the width of a page (we were talking landscape page with 1.5cm margins). there were looks of astonishment and disbelief. people questioned my beliefs and asked for data to back it up. i got all bitchy and produced a landscape page with text from a book copied on to it. i had the same text pasted into another document, but it was in two columns. i asked them which was easier and quicker to read? i won. to be honest, i’d rather get punched in the stomach than do a workshop, but i agreed (with fake enthusiasm). maybe the peeps at my new work will be different but i expect not.

we’re getting our blinds picked up and cleaned next weekend but i’m a little leery of this company that we’re going with. they only ever reply to my emails at midnight. the brit told me to google their address and see what their place looks like but isn’t it convenient that their street is the one street in the entire area that the little google camera didn’t capture? shady business. i can’t be bothered to shop around so i’m just going to go with them. our blinds haven’t been cleaned in years and they’re pretty nasty. i think they were once white.

i booked dinner for my parents at a fancy restaurant back home for their wedding anniversary. i told them to order what ever they want, i was paying for it. i got an email from my parents not to thank me, but to warn me about identity theft. gotta love ’em.


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