quickie before work.

hello. sorry i’ve been so neglectful. idiots make this blog go round and there seem to be  a lack of them (so far) at my new place. i just have a manager with halitosis. not much of a story of there, except you don’t want a meeting with him after lunch (i learned that yesterday). i passed probation a whole week early. i’m a full fledged employee! hooray!

i’m reading about one book a week now with my new commute to work. i’m feeling smart again. my next book to read is going to be the mystery of edwin drood by charles dickens. anyone read it? i was reading the back cover and found out that dickens died before he could finish it. am i going to be frustrated at the end of it because it doesn’t end? i hate books like that. i’m tempted to read the last pages first to assess whether i should read it but all dickens is worth reading i think. i might read ian mcewan instead. i read amsterdam and atonement years ago and loved them and thought he was going to be next favourite author. then i read enduring love and hated it. then i saw the movie and hated it even more and haven’t touched him since. but i’m going to give him another try with the cement garden.

well, the brit is putting on his layers of jumpers and scarves so that means it’s time to go!


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