the end of the weekend. it was a good one. we went to the cinema yesterday and saw the met HD performance of il travotore. i loved it. then we went to the book shop and i got a few new books (ian mcewan and annie dillard) and then home to watch the other guys which we loved.

today was spent doing chores and relaxing.

i’m going on an elimination diet starting next week. i’ve been unwell for weeks now and the doctor suspects that it may be food related so he suggested that i try an elimination diet. fun. it’s actually not as bad as going vegan for forty days. i spend ten days eating broccoli, organic lamb and chicken, brown rice, pears and water. then i start reintroducing things like dairy, citrus, and wheat one at a time every 48 hours. i have to keep a journal of my symptoms. i’ve cut out cow’s milk and have been drinking almond and rice milk lately and have noticed an improvement in my sinuses so i suspect that’s the culprit but i’m going to go through with the diet just to make sure. i have to spend the week eating a balanced diet before starting this one so i’m going to spend this week eating all sorts of things. i warned the brit that i may be grouchy. he says he’s used to it.

time for bed. i’ve been having dreams about a giant asteroid hitting earth. it’s all the brit’s fault. he got the wonders of the solar system and has been watching it all week. the one episode i managed to stay awake for was about asteroids potentially hitting the earth. nice.


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