are you ready for an epic post making up for all the days i missed last week? are you? hmmm? well then you’re in for some disappointment. it’s not that i don’t feel like writing one, it’s just that i don’t have much to say. it’s been a busy week but nothing of interest from a blogging point of view.

i will, however, indulge you. here’s a list of mildly interesting goings-on in our life.

this is new.
“what is your secret?” a colleague of mine asked me this early in the week. i had no idea what he was talking about. i thought maybe he was asking about my super secret stash of cream of wheat i’ve been indulging in every morning (thanks liz!). but no. “you are the happiest and most pleasant person i know! how do you do it?” seriously? i wish i could’ve recorded him and replayed it for the peeps at my old job who called me cynical and sarcastic and for the brit. so i said something about wanting what you have or some shit like that. i think it’s a part of a lyric from a sheryl crow song. i don’t even like sheryl crow but i remember that lyric not because i found it profound but because i thought maybe she ripped it off someone else. my colleague was quite impressed with my philosophy on life and said that more people should be like me. i’ve never been told that before. my mother said that luckily there is only one of me (this when i was six years old and i spilled a bottle of red nail polish on her new white rug). my brother in law says, in an  relieved way, that they broke the mould when i was born. my sister is of the same opinion. man, if they could’ve heard him. i told my mom what he said when i called her yesterday but she said that he was probably joking with me. see what she’s like?

new furniture!
the brit and i took a walk down the road to wilkins and kent and ordered ourselves another bookcase and another CD/DVD cabinet. we shoved all of our furniture over to see if it was even feasible to have another bookcase up here. we’re going to wedge it in next to our existing one. the existing CD cabinet is going downstairs into the spare room and we are getting a bigger one to put up here. the new bookcase is going to be red inside and the CD case is going to be chocolate. the brit likes colours because our walls are bare white. so in 10 to 12 weeks, they will be delivered and maybe, just maybe it will be enough (for now).

with our new furniture arrangement, we are using a pile of jigsaw puzzle boxes as a side table. the brit keeps saying that he’s going to wilkins and kent and order one but i bet you we’re going to keep it like that for at least a year or until i complain.

work junk.
it’s been a busy week, especially since my proposal got pushed to friday, giving everyone more time to procrastinate. it was inevitable that they would be like chickens minus heads running around to get this submitted by noon on friday. noon came and went and it actually didn’t get submitted until five. it was my best work. instead of using photographs for the cover, i drew a little sketch which i carried throughout the document in the section headers and back cover. i was quite happy with it and not too fussed about missing the noon deadline. i knew we wouldn’t make it. i knew it would be missed when i heard the deadline was pushed to five thirty on friday. noon was just some arbitrary number someone shouted out, but i knew it wasn’t going to happen. i’ve played this game for too long and i know how it works. so instead of losing my cool like others on my team, i just sat there and waited. i even went out for a long lunch with the gals that afternoon and had two glasses of wine. when i got back it still wasn’t done so i waited some more.

the good news is that we won the one we submitted last week. it’s a big win and was the first big one i was a part of so i’m pretty happy. the government agency said they haven’t ever received a document that looked so polished and professional as ours and it made it stand out. i was well pleased to hear that.  as a reward, my boss presented me with adobe acrobat professional for my computer! hooray! the next step is creative suite. my probationary period ends in about a week so i’ll ask then. maybe i’ll wait till we win another one.

my old friend. i’m supposed to be cleaning up my closet this weekend. most of it is on the floor now in a massive heap of dresses, boots and bags. i’ve been putting it off. if the brit were more obstinate about it, i would be more motivated but he seems to not take notice of it. he piles more “found” items on top of it, growing it more.  perhaps i will make a start on it while the brit is making me breakfast. i’m starving and i just gave him sad puppy eyes and rubbed my tummy.

general stuff.
i was putting away the dishes and i noticed a light bulb sitting in the cutlery tray. the brit washed a light bulb. can you do that? i questioned the brit and he said “it was dirty!” bless him.

i have “toes” written in my little blog notebook which reminds me to tell you about the man on the tram who was wearing flip flops on the tram. i thought it odd because he was wearing nice work-type clothing and flip flops (in 18 degree weather). so i looked at his feet. on one foot, his baby toe was growing on top of his other toe. it was a fully formed toe, it was just sprouting off the other. And the same thing was happening on the his other foot, except it was the second toe growing out from the big toe. totally gross and fascinating at the same time. i angled my book so it looked like i was reading it but really i was looking at his feet. i almost missed my stop! it made me think about visiting the Kunstkamera in st petersburg to see the mutant embryos! i should check to see if that’s one of our stops!

lastly, i’m reading upton sinclair’s the jungle right now and it’s making me want to become a vegetarian but i highly recommend it!


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