yeah, sorry.

i know i’ve been super slack this week with posting. it’s been an unbelievably crazy week at work. the good news is that we won the proposal i worked so hard on last week! it was my best piece of design work until i started designing the one i’m working on now. it’s due on friday and it’s looking pretty special. it doesn’t read all that great but it looks good. i’ll re write it today to try to make us sound smarter.

i heard from Super Nice Guy yesterday. he is doing well. still hates DB. he says that everything he touches turns to shit. hee hee. he’s looking to get moved to another account. it took him a while to reply to my email so i thought maybe micromanager and evil elf black balled me from the company! jeez,i’m paranoid.

well, time for me to go to work. this weekend we have no plans (thankfully) and i will get caught up on blogging.



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