the best form of flattery?

i was perusing the web today looking at different design agencies’ sites. i was mainly interested in annual reports and long documents. i needed some inspiration. that’s when i saw it. one of MY designs. this was all pre-DB and even me pre-manager status at my first job in oz. my company was pitching to win the business of a company and i designed the proposal cover and all the other crap that goes with it (boxes, binders, folders, etc). we won the deal and then the company went with their usual design company for their report. they pinched my design. grrr! sure, they changed a colour here and there, but it is my design. i have the original design of the cover in my portfolio (before my client changed their minds fifteen times). i pinch design concepts all the time but none of those are in my portfolio.

i’m grouchy now. but i’m also kinda flattered. but more grouchy. might be hunger. grumbly tummy makes me grouchy. work was quiet today since my proposal finished yesterday. i have two more coming up – one due monday and one due tuesday. another due next friday but that’s ages away so i’m not even thinking about it. i can’t start any of them until i know what we’re doing so i’m just sitting around at work waiting. i wrote the executive summaries for them but they’ll probably change once we figure out our approach. being bored and idle makes me grouchy too. and i didn’t sleep very well last night. so i’m tired. ergo grouchy. it’s working against me isn’t it?


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