my big proposal was submitted two hours before the deadline! relief! i left work at 2pm because it’s been a tough couple of weeks.

i had the nightmare tram journey home today. there must’ve been a field trip going on because about forty kids got on my tram. they filled it to capacity and they were super loud. they were screaming and yelling and running up and down the tram. back in the day, we were never that bad when we had to “mix with the public” on field trips. sister helen would beat us within an inch of our life with a metal ruler if we so much as raised our voice above a whisper in public.  i couldn’t tell if there was any adult supervision going on. maybe they gave up. maybe the kids tied them up and left them at the zoo. they were crazy. and i felt so old.

as soon as they got off the weird double jointed indian guy got on. he smells like a toilet.  i thought the lady sitting across from him was going to pass out from the smell. poor thing. two stops later, someone drugged out of their mind got on. he was standing in the aisle sweating profusely and his eyes kept rolling back in his head like he was going to pass out or like he was channeling beelzebub.  he was standing next to me and i had to quickly assess the situation if he did pass out. it would’ve been ideal if he turned a bit because then he would end up falling on top of the double jointed weirdo but as it was, he was poised to fall on me. if he was going to go the opposite way and go nuts and start freaking out, then i was definitely in the wrong spot. the chick standing next to me kept whispering in my ear “far out. i think he’s dying.” i was scared.  i actually prayed that he not do anything until my stop. my mom says praying doesn’t work when it’s for selfish reasons but if she were there, she would’ve been praying and throwing holy water on everyone.

well, time to go. my friend from america is coming over for dinner. i’m so excited!

to the australian: if you get a “random” parcel in the post this week, it’s a bday pressie from me and the brit. no gift wrap or other gift-y type options. “rubbish site” the brit said. 🙂


One thought on “tuesday.

  1. I have a little card! I shall go to the post office tomorrow morning and see what it gets me. How exciting!

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