it’s flippin’ COLD here. two degrees yesterday morning. i didn’t think it got that cold here. thank god for heating!

it’s been a busy(ish) week so far with this proposal but my parts are all written and done so now i’m just waiting for everyone else to get their stuff done. i have to write another proposal by friday but i think this one will be easy so i’m not stressing about it. i’m really liking work a lot now. i heard from an old colleague today. he wrote to give me shit about the celtics getting their ass kicked by miami in the playoffs but also to tell me that i am sorely missed and things are really bad now. ha! he didn’t have to tell me. i got an email from my friend in the sydney team (she was my Sydney equivalent). she said that micromanager is as incompetent as ever and she keeps taking super secret trips to melbourne but not telling anyone what she’s doing. she certainly isn’t doing my job. that’d be beneath her.

i almost got in a fight with an old man today at the falafel shop by work today. i was STARVING so i decided to try out the one dodgey cafe by our office. when i walked in, there was an old lady at the counter ordering something and an old man sitting at one of the tables drinking coffee (nowhere near the cash register). as soon as the woman pays for her stuff, the guy asked for my order and before i could get a word in, the old man yelled and said that he was next and i cut in front of him. seriously? i thought for a minute the old man wanted to throw down and fight so i just stared at him. he ran (shuffled) up to the counter and starting pointing at random things in the display case and asking questions about everything. he ordered twenty things, all with “special” instructions (‘no peppers because they give me heartburn and whole wheat because they say it’s healthier …” ) and then another fifteen minutes of swiping his decrepit credit card through the machine twenty times. all the while, he was eyeing me and smiling like he purposely rubbed the magnetic strip on his card so it would take twice as long to get my lunch. wrinkly f*ck. he was little. i could’ve taken him down. my stomach was crying out for sustenance but the crypt keeper was being evil and making me wait. it made me hate him even more.  i could’ve walked, at my leisure, to the place we usually drive to, and would’ve been back in less time. when he left, he said “thank you young man for being so polite.” emphasis on the word “polite.” i knew he was thanking the dude working there but he was looking right at me. asshole. my falafel was lovely though i don’t know if i’ll go back. i’m scarred. i’m afraid i’m not making friends with the locals. i miss working in the city.

well, the brit is on his way home so i guess that means i should think about making dinner (delivery arrangements).


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