i feel like hanging up a banner above our door so the brit will see it when he walks in. “I DID LAUNDRY!*” in tiny letters in the corner it would say “without being asked –  i was running out of clean pants.”
i had a good day at work today. i spent the weekend designing and writing the proposal and i think it looks really good. we’re having a meeting tomorrow so i’ll hear what the others think. i find the writing quite challenging since this time i’m not just wordsmithing someone else’s content. i’ll be happy when i have this one done and it’ll be even better if we win it. i don’t know how long i’ll be able to work in the land of “we have to drive everywhere, even for coffee.”
ha ha, the brit just got home and said “oh my god! are you doing laundry?” i also have dinner simmering on the stove. i am so wifely i can’t stand it. they should make hallmark cards for days like this. on the front, it’ll say “i heard you did housework” (with pictures of fresh sheets with glitter).
the weekend was lovely. on saturday we went the opera at the state theatre to see bizet’s the pearl fishers. it was really good. i fell asleep for ten minutes in the first act but was awake for the rest of it. after the opera, we took the tram back home and had dinner at the vegie bar.
i got downton abbey with hugh bonneville and maggie smith on blu ray and we started watching it on sunday. i love it. i’m very happy to hear that they will be doing a second season. we are also halfway thru the second season of little house on the prairie. my sister thinks i’m nuts for watching it again but i’m really enjoying it.
well, well, the 2012 election season of craziness is starting to kick in and i’m all in for barack obama. my parents and sister and bro-in-law will vote for anyone who is not obama, preferably a republican, but they’d vote for a broom if it meant that their vote wouldn’t go towards the the socialist. (bachmann is as close to a broom as you’ll get).  talking politics in my parents’ house gets pretty heated. the brit’s had to kick me under the dinner table the few times i dared bring it up. my parents like to reminisce about the reagan years. so anyway, if you’re in america, no matter who you vote for, get involved!
dinner is ready. time for me to go.
p.s. can i still brag about doing laundry to the brit if i ask him to hang it up when it’s done? (i’ll ask really nice!!)

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