it’s been a great week at work, especially since it’s only a three day one. my super nerdy forecast spreadsheet wowed the socks off the senior managers and i’m getting all sorts of praise.  i think now is the time to ask for creative suite. i can’t be designing layouts in powerpoint much longer!

my flu is getting better but i’m still not 100%. i’m still ready for bed at 8 o’clock and am sluggish during the day. i had a meeting today and totally zoned out, mesmerised by my colleagues white athletic socks. he was wearing dress shoes btw. and a suit. i’ve also been craving donuts like crazy and KFC. the hell. i’ve avoided both but i stressed for a while because i thought i was preggars which made the cravings worse.  i’m blaming the flu. it’s gone to my head.

i’ve totally turned the brit on to audio books and just put on to kill a mockingbird. we’ve been listening to books all weekend. we finished attenborough’s life on air (i recommend both reading and listening to the book). listening to mockingbird makes me want to read it again. i’m reading the old curiosity shop at the moment(dickens) and i really like it. i wish i read more of it today on the tram but the stinkiest old man ever with long gross fingernails decided to sit behind me and i spent the entire journey debating whether or not i should move. i was comfy in my seat and at each stop i kept hoping that he would get off but nope, he rode the entire way with me. anyway, audio books are great because while i realised i couldn’t read a book while listening to another one, i could write on my blog and listen to a book at the same time. i can also online shop, play nintendogs and make faces at the brit. next up after mockingbird will be vile bodies by evelyn waugh.

the brit just plopped an ironing board in front of the tv. really? what if i wanted to watch something when i’m done writing this? i gave him a bemused look and he said “what? those bedsheets aren’t going to iron themselves are they?” i think he’s my mother’s soul mate.


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