the weekend has been brilliant so far. we’ve been eating good food, watching movies, reading books and doing whatever we want. i’ve spent most of the weekend so far trying to get as much rest as possible to recover from my lurgy. it has moved from my sinuses to my chest. while i sound a lot worst i actually feel loads better. the brit finds the chesty, phlegmy cough disturbing and wants to rush off to the the chemist to get me some nasty cough medicine but i don’t mind it so much. at least i can breathe and taste food.

i spent all of friday working on the nerdiest spreadsheet ever for work. i totally revolutionised our budget forecast sheet and then had a minor meltdown when i thought i lost my file. we had to put the movie on hold while the brit scoured my hard drive. it is now backed up on a thumb drive, drop box, the imac, an SD card, my desktop and in google docs. there is no chance of me losing it again.

well, it looks like we’re taking a walk into the city tomorrow. the brit’s fancy new earphones are faulty so he’s going to march down to the shop, fists waving, and get new ones. i set a mini challenge for myself to not spend money unnecessarily for a couple of months. now that lent is over, i need a challenge to keep me happy (the brit says it’s a catholic guilt thing and blames my twelve years of catholic school). tomorrow may spell failure for me but i can probably convince the brit to buy me stuff. puppy dog eyes. i’m good like that. he’ll probably buy me nasty cough medicine. bleh.

okay. time for me to go and have some breakfast … at 1.30pm. we gots no rules when we’re on holiday! i almost had apple pie for breakfast (i thankfully chose a crumpet with jam instead). i’m saving the apple pie for dinner.


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