i have some flu-y sort of thing going on. the brit is convinced that i never got over whatever was causing my cough and now it’s more intense. i left work at 2.15. i have the day off tomorrow. i’m picking up my australian drivers licence and then spending the rest of the day sleeping.

the weekend was lovely. on saturday morning we took a walk into the city to buy a laptop for me. we bumped into the kiwi and other asian at the electronics shop and intended on maybe having a coffee with them later that day but by the time the dude (who had a massive comb over btw. i could not take my eyes off it) was done selling me an extended warranty and other things i didn’t want, it was four o’clock! where did the day go?  the brit and i traipsed all over the city looking at laptops, seeing who had the best deal. in retrospect, i don’t know why we did that because (a) i ended up getting the one at the first place we went to, and (b) i have shoes that cost more than my laptop and i didn’t spend hours deciding if i should get them. i didn’t get a macbook (sigh) but i don’t mind my new laptop so much. it’ll do the job and there’s always our imac for designer-y type jobs. later that evening we went to the state theatre to see la boheme. i liked it. some parts were really well done.

on sunday we were going to go to the fabric shop in brunswick but the flu was starting to take over and i was going downhill fast. i stayed bundled up on the sofa playing professor layton on my DS.  we had indian food delivered for dinner, hoping the spices would clear my sinuses.

so that’s our weekend. fun, eh? it’s a short week with a long easter weekend coming up. i need it. this flu/cold/lurgy thing is kicking my ass. i’m watching location, location, location right now and today’s house hunter is in london. i have to remember the names of the places so i can ask the brit if i’d want to live there when we move back. balham, clapham, and battersea. i think i like clapham but don’t know about the rest.

my manager told me that if i wanted the creative suite on my computer, then he’ll get it for me. i don’t think he realises that it’s a bit pricey. i’ll wait till i’m done with my probation before i bring it up again. now that i have my little laptop, i can work on my nerdy spreadsheets and VBA from home. oh F4, i love you.


3 thoughts on “monday.

  1. Ugh! I am totally fighting the same thing – woke up this morning congested with swollen glads. I plan on killing it tonight with alcohol and ibuprofen. We leave for Melbourne on Thursday night for hols so it has to be gone by then…

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