saturday morning.

we were up with the birds this morning. it’s only 7am now and we’ve already finished our morning coffee.

today i have a haircut at a new salon, then shopping in the city and then opera tonight at the state theatre. we are seeing la boheme and i am very excited, especially since the star is an american soprano.

we are going into the city to buy me a new laptop. not a mac. sigh. the brit and i did a “needs analysis” where my whims could not factor in and decided that i was better off getting a pc since i was always jumping on his work one to fiddle with my excel vba. if i need to design work, i can do it on our imac. i have not ruled out a macbook when we get back from russia in september but that would seem a little excessive.

i’m really excited this new hair salon. not only do they come highly recommended but they are just a few doors down from our house! i liked my last hairdresser but i think it’s time for a change. it’s also time for a haircut. it’s looking a bit like a hybrid of justin bieber and spock.

housekeeping notes:
the kiwi – got your poirot text … yesterday. my phone is dumb. we’re planning on checking out the peter ustinov poirots but i don’t expect them to be anywhere as good as suchet.


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