i finished writing my document for work and i handed it over to the brit to critique both content and design. i told him to be nice but i’m ready to take his harsh criticisms!

work has been pretty busy which is nice. i have a pile of documents that need rewriting and redesigning so i have plenty to keep me busy. i feel like i’m finally getting in the swing of things!

hmm, the brit has been staring at the table contents page (with red pen in hand) for ten minutes. that doesn’t bode well. he already questioned my line spacing on the cover. i have to remember not to get defensive or else we may have our first ever fight! i’m trying to keep him sweet by making him my special spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

the vanilla extract drinker was on my tram home. when he got off, shouty lady got on (she talks very angrily and very loudly to imaginary people). when she got off the wee man got on (he smells like … well, do i need to explain?).  the tram inspectors were about to get on too but i think they caught a whiff of wee man and decided to wait for the next one. i don’t blame them. every day is an adventure! when we get home, the brit and i compare notes and see who had more crazies on the tram. i win every time!

okay. dinner is done. the brit is all the way to page 3 of my document. sigh.


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