thank goodness the peeps at work don’t notice what i wear to work because after standing at the tram stop this morning with the rain pelting down sideways, i was not looking too pretty when i made it into the office. there were tram inspectors on each of my trams. the last tram this morning was an adventure as the bogan sitting next to me tried to make a quick getaway when he saw them. the female inspector grabbed his arm and he pushed her down and so the other inspectors chased him off the tram, grabbed him and he punched one of them! i was the only one who was interested in the commotion. maybe stuff like that happens all the time in the suburbs.

while i’m writing this post, i’m also re-writing/proofing a technical document for work.  i’m toggling between the two. the brit is giving me a grammar lesson on when to use em dashes and en dashes and semi colons and colons. bless him. he hasn’t noticed that my document isn’t on the screen anymore. last night he was lecturing me on keyboard shortcuts. “use both hands” he said. “you work faster. where is your other hand?” i replied, “i’m sitting on it because it’s cold. that’s why i only use the mouse.” he should’ve given up on me then.

rightio. time for dinner and i need to finish this document for the morning. talk to you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. The em dash is on its way out. These days most people would use an en dash with a space either side. If I were typesetting “literature” I might use em dashes though.

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