the weekend was lovely. on saturday, we saw the National Theatre production of Frankenstein at the cinema. it was starring benedict cumberbatch and johnny lee miller. it was pretty good. it wasn’t great but it could’ve been  worse. on sunday, we had breakfast at the kiwi and other asian’s place and i was introduced to the song “friday” (thanks guys. it was in my head all day – and not the colbert version).

and now it’s monday. i just finished working out and i can’t seem to stop sweating. lovely. about  a month ago, my sister offered me a deal i just couldn’t pass up. she told me that if i bought the new Firm Express workout, she’d let me have it shipped to her house and she’d ship it to me (provided i gave her money for shipping too) and i’d try it out and if it’s good, i’d burn the DVDs for her. what a deal, eh? i acquiesced, knowing that having three little kids equates to having no money ever , and two weeks ago, the DVDs arrived.

it’s a twenty minute workout with 8 second bursts which are supposed to get your heart rate up and then 12 seconds of recovery. you’re only supposed to do three workouts a week. i read the box, laughed and proclaimed to the brit “i’m going to do these every day.” not so much. they are hard. really hard.  i was able to finish them but i wanted to collapse by the end. eight seconds of jumpy lung-y things suck not to mention these horrible things called mountain climbers. i’m sticking with it though even though my legs and arms feel like jelly. i really like the workouts and they’re good because i don’t have that much time to workout since i’m coming home later. on the weekends, i’ll do an hour cardio which is easy compared to twenty minutes of this workout.

i was given a diagram to pretty up today. it was for a client in china with data centres in india and my colleague made all the little people figures in china yellow and the people figures in india brown. i don’t think he thought anything of it. perhaps those were the colours he randomly picked. i was afraid to know the answer so i didn’t ask and i changed them to green and blue. i’m still getting used to my new colleagues. no one notices when i have a new bag or when i’m wearing new shoes but they did notice my new mouse and keyboard. i’m going to experiment by wearing the same thing every day for a week to see if anyone notices.  that would’t go over so well at my last job but i don’t think anyone will care where i’m at now. i think that’s a good thing. most are afraid of me because i’m a designer-y type and they’ve never had someone like me before. i broke the nerd barrier with the tecchie guys who sit by me by showing them my nintendo 3DS. we’re kind of friends now. they asked me if i played PC games but i think i lost points when i said I have a mac at home. oh well. baby steps.


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